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Male Plastic Surgery

Male plastic surgery is a field of cosmetic surgery undertaken by men who want to reverse the effects of the aging process and/or attain a new physique that perhaps could not be achieved with exercise and a healthy diet. Plastic surgery for men can help them look better and feel more confident in themselves by cosmetically enhancing the appearance.

What is a male plastic surgery Procedure?

Research from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery shows that male plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular with men as a way to deal with image maintenance and change.

Male plastic surgery procedures can give men bigger chests, trimmer waists, fewer wrinkles, more hair, and increased overall body confidence. Male plastic surgery procedures can also correct congenital deformities and correct aspects of a man’s appearance that may have been affected by accident or injury.

You may be a suitable candidate for a male plastic surgery procedure if you are unhappy with how the aging process is affecting your appearance; you have a congenital deformity; you have problems shifting excess weight; you have sagging skin left after weight loss. To be a suitable candidate, you must also have realistic expectations about the outcome of your surgery.

Your male cosmetic surgeon will explain the surgical options available to you, the steps of the male plastic surgery procedure, the different types of male cosmetic surgery available, the risks, side effects, complications and limitations, and the male plastic surgery costs.

Each individual male plastic surgery procedure varies in time and technique. To find out more about how male breast reduction (gynaecomastia); pectoral chest enlargement; hair restoration; male tummy tuck are performed.

Your male plastic surgeon will explain the recovery and healing process to you, this information should include; gynaecomastia recovery times; pectoral enlargement recovery times; hair restoration recovery times and/or male tummy tuck recovery times.

Male Plastic Surgery side effects and risks vary. Side effects after any male plastic surgery operation are a normal part of the natural healing process and will subside over time.

Male Plastic Surgery can improve self confidence and change the way you look and feel about your image and appearance.

Different types of male plastic surgery procedures

There are currently several types of male plastic surgery procedures operations available, these include:

Male Breast Reduction (Gynaecomastia)

Gynaecomastia is a common condition in teenage boys where firm, tender breast tissue grows under the nipples. It is usually caused by an imbalance of hormones during puberty, and usually disappears by the age of 18 without treatment. more...

Male Hair Restoration

Male hair loss is the most common type of hair loss and is caused by increased sensitivity to male sex hormones (androgens) in certain parts of the scalp. These hormones make the hair follicles shrink and the hair falls out. It is a hereditary condition. more...

Male Tummy Tuck

A common problem as men age is the development of "love handles," a "pot belly," or a "spare tire." Frequent or dramatic changes in weight can cause the abdominal muscles to weaken, the skin to sag, and stretch marks to appear.

Pectoral Chest Enlargement

Pectoral implants can benefit a man who is unhappy with the lack of definition or the bulk of his chest area, and wants to create the bulked-up look that usually comes from working out and create the appearance of chest muscles. Other pectoral implant patients seek correction of a pectoral muscle that is underdeveloped because of a birth defect or physical trauma. more...

Plastic surgury
plastic surgery

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plastic surgury

Surgeon Checklist

Surgeon Checklist

Knowledge is power so arm yourself with the facts before making any decision about Male Plastic Surgery procedures; click here for an essential check list to help you find the right Perfect Yourself plastic surgeon.

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