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Breast Enlargement in Cincinnati, Ohio by Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeons

In Cincinnati Breast Enlargement is a popular procedure. Cincinnati Breast Enlargement Plastic Surgeons have an excellent reputation in this area of expertise. If you are searching for a Cincinnati Breast Enlargement Plastic Surgeon, then Perfect Yourself is a good place to begin your search. All of the Plastic Surgeons who offer Breast Enlargement in Cincinnati are Board Certified with excellent professional backgrounds.

Cincinnati Breast Enlargement surgery involves putting implants behind the breasts. You may choose to enlarge your breasts because: you feel that your breasts are too small you want to correct breast volume after losing weight or after a pregnancy, or you may want to correct a difference in size between the two breasts. The operation may also be offered if you are having reconstructive surgery as part of treatment for breast cancer or other conditions that may affect the size and shape of your breasts.

Its important not to rush into the decision to have cosmetic surgery. Before opting for breast enlargement in Cincinnati, discuss with your surgeon what you are hoping to gain from the operation and the result you can realistically expect.

Your Cincinnati Breast Enlargement surgeon will discuss how to prepare for your operation. The operation is usually done as a day case, but sometimes an overnight stay is needed. The procedure is usually carried out under a general anesthetic. This means you will be asleep during the operation.

Your Cincinnati breast enlargement surgeon will measure your breasts and assess their shape and the position of your nipples. Your surgeon may mark the position of the surgical cuts on your breasts.

Your Cincinnati Breast Enlargement surgeon will make cuts in the crease under your breast, around your nipple or towards your armpit. The implants are inserted into position beneath the breast tissue or under the chest muscle. The cuts are closed with stitches (which may be dissolvable) and your breasts are wrapped in a special supportive dressing or support bra.

Before you go home, your Cincinnati Breast Enlargement will give you advice about caring for your breasts, hygiene and bathing. You will usually be given a date for a follow-up appointment.

It may take several months before your breasts settle into their new shape.

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