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They say that everything in Texas is bigger and better, and that includes the state itself.  Broadly divided into five areas, each is completely different from the next. North Central Texas consists of the area surrounding Dallas/Fort Worth where spring heralds fields full of wildflowers, summers are hot, autumn brings spectacular thunderstorms and winters are cold.  The cosmopolitan metroplex of Dallas/Fort Worth still has a flavor of the old west with major attractions like the Mesquite Rodeo and the State Fair of Texas. East Texas is a land of red sandy soil and tall pines, alongside the major cities of Longview and Nacogdoches.

At the heart of Texas lies The Hill Country, stretching from Austin to San Antonio and up to Waco, where rolling hills are covered with live oak, ash and cedars. The Gulf of Mexico describes the southern border of Texas, stretching from Port Arthur in the east to Brownsville in the west.  Galveston, Corpus Christi and Padre Island are all popular destinations for tourists as well as native Texans. Charter boats can take you out to where the waters of the Gulf rich with aquatic life are clear and blue. Brownsville is on the border with Mexico and many cross the border for shopping and entertainment in Mexico's border towns.

West Texas follows the Rio Grande River north, and here you will find everything from the desert town of El Paso, to cattlemen working their ranches, to the metropolitan cities of Lubbock, Amarillo and Midland-Odessa.  Texans are known to see their state as a world of its own, and once you visit, you might well agree.

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