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White House, Tennessee is a quiet, quaint little town that is a great place to relax and let the stresses of work fall free.  The city of White House was officially purchased around the late 1820s by a man named Richard Stone Wilks. Wilks originally was a settler from Virginia who made his way to White House by a trail known as the Louisville & Nashville Turnpike. This turnpike was created by Native American and buffalo. It wasn’t until 1928 until the trail was renamed and made into an official US highway 31W. 

When Richard Stone Wilks settled into White House he built a 2 story white house which could be seen from the L& N turnpike. By the mid 19th century, the Carter, Thomas and Hough Stagecoach Company would frequently use the L& N Turnpike and see Wilks’ grand white house. Since seeing a white house back then was so unusual they decided to name the town after it.

Today there is a replica of this famous white house which was turned into the White House Inn Library and Museum. This Inn, Library and Museum currently holds all of the artifacts from past White House generations and is also home to the city’s Chamber of Commerce.  

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