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Canonsburg, Pennsylvania has a colorful history. It was first settled in by Colonel John Canon in 1789 and was later incorporated in 1802. Jefferson College was started in Canonsburg in 1787, and was only the eleventh institute of higher learning built in America at the time. In 1794, Canonsburg was the central part of the Whiskey Rebellion.

Canonsburg is agriculturally sound with coal mining being its main source of export. Most of Canonsburg’s workforce once worked in local steel mills and coal mines.
Today, Canonsburg is home to one of the biggest Fourth of July parades in the state of Pennsylvania, and is also well known for its annual Oktoberfest. Despite the fact that Canonsburg only has around 8,600 residents, its annual Fourth of July parade pulls in a crowd of over 50,000 people. Regionally, the Fourth of July Canonsburg parade is well known for its tradition of seat-saving. Residents and parade enthusiasts place beach chairs and lounges along the parade route, sometimes a week in advance, to save their seats. Though this has caused a bit of an uproar and controversy, it has nonetheless remained a tradition, and has even garnered the attention of CNN, Jay Leno, and David Lettermen.

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