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Framingham has a variety of things to do.  It is home to historical structures, art and science.  The City is known for the Framingham Heart Study in which cardiovascular studies have uncovered many causes of heart disease.

You can capture a part of the cities art and culture by visiting the Danforth Museum.  It displays contemporize art from both emerging and established artist. Come and see the students of the Performing Arts Center of Metrowest   put on shows like Alice in Wonderland and musicals like The King and I.

Framingham has an array of restaurants to satisfy all taste buds, including the fussy eater in your family, from delicious sticky BBQ to Cuban cuisine. Travel through the Golden Triangle where you can find the biggest shopping center for the bargain hunter looking for the best for less.

Bring the family to one of Framingham finest bed and breakfast, The Inn on The Horse Farm.  This open farmland has beautiful horses that you can feed along with the chickens which give you your fresh eggs in the morning and the baby ducks that follow right behind you.  Here you can feel the embrace of Mother Nature around you.

Framingham has all the charm and appeal that will create great memories here for you.
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