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Dr. Timothy J. Mickel
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Monroe, Louisiana is a great city to visit. With exciting attractions filled with culture and history, visitors will never get bored.  While staying in Monroe, why not try visiting the Masur Museum of Art. Here at the Masur Museum of Art visitors are able to explore the different exhibits and collections this museum has to offer.  The Masur Museum of Art is home to over 278 permanent pieces of artwork which includes artists like: Thomas Hart Benton, Mary Cassatt, Salvador Dali, Philip Guston and more. 

The Masur Museum of Art also offers exciting and rotating exhibits. Some of those exciting and interesting exhibits include: Jonathan Pellitteri, who was the 2007 winner of the International Sculpture Center’s Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award. His collection includes different types of mediums like glass, metal and wood. Some other exhibits include, Artists of the Great Depression, the 46th annual Juried Exhibition and more. This is a truly great and interesting place to visit.  It is also a perfect place to bring anyone you know that loves art.

Monroe is also the perfect place to fulfill your aesthetic dreams- Monroe Plastic Surgery. Monroe plastic surgery can offer you everything you need for a safe procedure and a relaxing and rejuvenating recovery with our Board Certified Monroe Plastic Surgeons. If you would like to know more about Monroe liposuction, Monroe breast implants, Monroe face lifts or Monroe breast reduction, Monroe plastic surgeons are able to offer high quality plastic surgery, well-equipped operating rooms, excellent nursing care and tranquil and soothing recovery areas.

If you opt to have surgery, you'll need to know all you can to make a confident decision about Monroe plastic surgery.  Here on we can help you with your research by providing you information regarding areas like:

•    Tummy Tuck Before & After pictures
•    Monroe Plastic Surgeon credentials and qualifications
•    Fast and affordable Monroe financing
•    Surgery Preparation Checklists
•    Monroe Plastic Surgeon referrals
•    Risks and Complications
•    Recovery and healing tips

Monroe plastic surgeons can help you to achieve the physical appearance that you want, whether it’s an uplifted body profile, from an Monroe Body Lift, or an Monroe breast augmentation, making the decision to undergo Monroe plastic surgery is an important decision.

You may be wondering why we use Board Certified Plastic Surgeons on our site.  Board Certified Plastic Surgeons are fully knowledgeable in the areas of plastic and reconstructive surgery. They are highly recommended, trustworthy and certified doctors.
To help you to understand the options and make the right decision for you, provides information on:

Monroe Breast Augmentation - Monroe Laser Hair Removal - Monroe Breast Reduction – Monroe Breast Implants - Monroe Breast Reconstruction – Monroe Otoplasty - Monroe Liposuction – Monroe Tummy Tuck – Monroe Face Lifts - Monroe Chin Augmentation – Monroe Arm Lift - Monroe Rhinoplasty - Monroe  Eyelid Surgery - Finding the Best Monroe Plastic Surgeon and more. We also provide Liposuction Before & After photos along with Breast Augmentation Before & After photos.

Here on we take all the worry out of finding the right Monroe plastic surgeon for you. We can provide you board certified Monroe plastic surgeon who matches your specific needs with the minimalist travel for you. We also have important information you need to make a well-informed confident decision about your Monroe plastic surgery. The more confident you are about your choices, the more likely you are to have the best Monroe plastic surgery experience.


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