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The first known inhabitants of the Huntington, Indiana were the Adena Indians, also known as the "mound builders," because of the artifact-laden mounds they built, some over 2000 years ago. Since the 1500s, different Native American tribes lived in the Ohio Valley and in the area now called Huntington, such as the Hurons, but the larger Shawnee of Ohio and the Iroquois Confederacy from New York also used the area as hunting grounds. There was much fighting in the region between the British and Native Americans in the 1760s and 1770s, resulting in battles and massacres of entire villages. As more settlers entered the region after the American Revolution, the Mingo and Shawnee tribes were forced to move further inland.

Huntington, originally called Halderby's Landing, was named after Collis P. Huntington, a railroad baron who was a major partner in the Central Pacific Railroad, and who bought out the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway. In 1869 he began construction of the western terminus to the C & O, connecting the Ohio River and trains from the Midwest to the Atlantic Seaboard. The West Virginia State Legislature incorporated the city in 1871. In 1873, the first locomotive arrived from Richmond to the celebration of the entire community. The railroad was the city's largest employer for a century, until eventually becoming part of CSX in the 1970s.

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