Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons in Waterloo, Illinois

Waterloo, Illinois’s history can date all the way back to the 1600s. Waterloo was originally settled by French explorers in the 1600’s. It wasn’t until 1781 until the first Americans inhabited the area.  Waterloo was the first permanent American settlement in all of the Northwest Territory. 

By the 1800s other settlers started inhabiting the area making it the third largest town in Illinois. By 1816 a Massachusetts man, Emery Peters Rogers settled down in Waterloo and opened up the first permanent store, mill and mine. His brother, Dr. John Rogers, arrived in Waterloo in 1826 and was the region’s head doctor. 

Today, Waterloo is home to a number of board certified Waterloo City plastic surgeons. Waterloo is perfect for the finest destination plastic surgery whether you are considering a Waterloo face lift, Waterloo breast augmentation or Waterloo rhinoplasty. Waterloo plastic surgeons are able to offer the highest quality plastic surgery and the best care and attention while you realize your aesthetic goals.

Waterloo plastic surgeons have the skills and experience to help you to achieve the appearance that you want. Perhaps you feel that your tummy is sagging after pregnancy – a Waterloo tummy tuck can fix that.  Or perhaps your self-confidence suffers because of the shape of your nose – Waterloo rhinoplasty can give you the facial profile you want. So if you want to find out more about Waterloo breast enlargement, Waterloo breast lifts, Waterloo breast reconstruction or Waterloo breast reduction, we can help.

Waterloo plastic surgeons offer the full range of Waterloo plastic surgery procedures, including Waterloo tummy tucks, Waterloo breast implants, Waterloo rhinoplasty, Waterloo liposuction and more. Finding the right Waterloo plastic surgery procedures and the finest Waterloo plastic surgeons is of the utmost importance when you are considering any Waterloo plastic surgery. provides information on: Waterloo Liposuction – Waterloo Tummy Tuck – Waterloo Face Lifts - Waterloo Breast Augmentation - Waterloo Rhinoplasty– Waterloo Breast Reduction – Waterloo Breast Implants - Waterloo Breast Reconstruction – Waterloo thigh Lift - Waterloo Lip Augmentation – Waterloo Chin Lifts - Waterloo Injectable Fillers – Waterloo Plastic Surgery Financing and Finding the Best Waterloo Plastic Surgeon.

Look at our before and after pictures and see the kind of results other patients have obtained by having Waterloo plastic surgery. Find information on how to get affordable Waterloo plastic surgery financing. Get help in preparing for Baltimore City plastic surgery and choosing a reputable Waterloo plastic surgeon by checking out our referrals to the top Waterloo plastic surgeons. So to help you to get the safest Waterloo plastic surgery possible, we provide you with access to thousands of board certified and experienced Waterloo plastic surgeons. We only recommend Waterloo plastic surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (in Canada, cosmetic surgeons are certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada).


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