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There are so many things to do in Illinois, the 21st State.  The cities are packed with a range of different sights, sounds and attractions, and every visitor is bound to find something to absorb and entertain them.

The incredible city of Chicago is of course home to the amazing Sears Tower, the Navy Pier and the John Hancock centre. Take a walk along the elegant Michigan Avenue, admire the architecture, and indulge in a spree in the fabulous shops. Enjoy a lazy day at Grant Park and the Buckingham Fountain, and when the weather turns warm, head to the beach in the downtown area.
Springfield, the capital of Illinois, is a very popular vacation destination, especially with history buffs. Explore the historical sites and monuments of Springfield, find out more about the city’s most famous son, Abraham Lincoln and enjoy the Illinois State Fair, held every August. If you are interested in archaeology and Native American culture and history, the Dickson Mounds museum in Lewiston is a great place to visit.

Nature lovers have plenty to love about Illinois too, and should pay a visit to Shawnee National Forest, situated between the Mississippi and Ohio rivers. The 280,000-acre national forest is home to five different ecosystems, which include prairie wetlands, hardwood forests, lakes, rivers, and small canyons. Visit Carlyle Lake in Clinton County for sailing and watersports, or the Upper Limits rock climbing gym in Bloomington, one of the tallest indoor climbing gyms in the world.  Bloomington is also home to the famous Illinois Shakespeare Festival for seasoned culture vultures.

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