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Dr. Julio Gallo

Dr. Julio Gallo
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1441 Brickell Avenue, Miami, FL 33133

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Julio F. Gallo, MD, FACS Board certified in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Julio F. Gallo has published numerous articles in medical journals, particularly on his work with PRP in medical aesthetics and frequently lectures at me ...
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Since becoming a town in 1925m Hialeah, Florida has been a part of many historical events.  One of those events was the creation of the Hialeah Park Race Track, which opened in 1925. This track received more coverage in the news than any other sporting event in the history of Miami. The Hialeah Park Race Track has attracted millions of spectators including, the Kennedy family, Harry Truman, Winston Churchill, and J.P. Morgan just to name a few.

The Hialeah Park Race Track is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places due to it hosting a plethora of pink flamingos being dubbed The Audubon Bird Sanctuary. Another famous even that happened at the Hialeah Park Race Track happened in 1937 when Amelia Earheart said her final goodbye to the Nation. This was the last time that we would see Amelia Earheart as she set off on her flight around the world.

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Since our site is consisted of Board Certified plastic surgeons, we can assist you in choosing the right Hialeah Plastic Surgeon for you. How is a Board Certified plastic surgeon different from a normal Hialeah Plastic Surgeon? A Board Certified plastic surgeon has extensive knowledge, experience and training in the fields of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

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Don’t fret guys! Our Hialeah Plastic Surgeons are also qualified for Hialeah Male Breast Reductions, Hialeah Eyelid Lifts and Hialeah Ear Surgery.
The Hialeah Plastic Surgeons listed on our web pages, have had wide-ranging experiences in performing all of the most popular procedures including Hialeah Breast Liposuction, Hialeah Breast Augmentation, Hialeah Tummy Tucks, Hialeah Rhinoplasty and Hialeah Face lifts. Our Hialeah Plastic Surgeons are skilled in Hialeah Arm Lifts, Hialeah Lip Augmentations, Hialeah Male Breast Reduction, Hialeah Breast Reconstruction, Hialeah Thigh Lifts and more. With our information on Hialeah Plastic Surgeons you will get the safe and secure surgery with the amazing results you desired.

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