Tummy Tucks (Abdominoplasty)

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I have a large amount of skin hanging on my lower abdomen. I get sweaty underneath and frequently get yeast infections there not to mention the awful odor even though I use powders, etc. I also have a lot of back pain. Would insurance pay for me to have a tummy tuck to get it of this awful mess. It looks disgusting and feels disgusting and the more weight I lose the worse it gets.


Thank you for your inquiry. The answer depends on your specific insurance and the plan you have with them. Different plans have different criteria a patient must meet for surgeries like this. You would need to have a consultation with the surgeon, he would then prepare the appropriate dictations to submit to your insurance with photos of your trouble areas. It is always good to include any documentation for other physicians or medical providers who have treated your symptoms and the results of that treatment. Your insurance would evaluate all the information and make a decision as to whether they would cover the surgery or not. You are welcome to call and schedule an appointment with Dr Tsoi or our other surgeons. Thanks, Becky.

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