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Can you let me know how i could correct a previous facelift. I had a Macs lift and the middle of my face and mouth is drooping especially the middle part at the underside of the face, and around the mouth, I have a cadaverous look because of that, not much fat to begin with. Tried fillers , sculptra but this does not correct the drooping in these areas. Can you suggest what kind of correction facelift do i need ? Thanks.


We are pleased to respond to your concern. We would need a little more information. How long ago did you have your face lift? It is possible that you may need further correction in the mid-face. Sometimes a midface lift will handle the problem. There is also a device called the "endotine" which can be placed in the midface area to lift. If you would like to email photographs to Dr. Aycock, he can review and give you some recommendations. Of course the ideal would be for you to come in for a complimentary consultation. We have offices in Walnut Creek and Greenbrae.

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